The Most Unique Adventure Sport – Zorb New Zealand

zorb new zealand

zorb new zealand
For being the adventure capital of north island, we only had time for one adventurous activity in Rotorua. There was an array of activities to choose from, but our group of 4 decided to go with Zorbing!

Zorbing was always on my radar, and I’ve discovered that it’s something that you don’t find in much other places. After scrounging for coupon codes online (do it, we saved about 15 NZD!), we bought 2 rides each with Zorb New Zealand.

Zorb New Zealand offers a straight track,  a ‘sidewinder’ track, and a hill with a large drop. They also offer a hydro zorb (with water inside!), or sans h20.

zydro rotorua new zealand

With recommendation from the employees, we chose a 2 person hydro zorb down the straight track, and a single person hydro zorb down the sidewinder track. Even though the weather was a bit chilly, the staff used warm water inside the zorb, and they also have a warm jacuzzi to sit in while you wait.

After changing into our swim clothes, we stood under a heater and waited for the van to take us up the hill. You jump into the clear, plastic ball through a small hole, and after that you’re being rolled away!

Zorb New Zealand

I can’t explain how fun zorbing was! While it looks pretty slow from the outside, on the inside it feels like you’re in a giant spin cycle. It definitely makes for an exciting 10 seconds, and you’ll be anxious for that second ride! We soon found that the sidewinder track was a lot more fun than the straight; it’s definitely all the bumps and curves.

While zorbing is pricey, (for a mere 10 second ride down a hill, the average price you’ll find is around 25-45 NZD per ride), we definitely found that is was a unique and thrilling activity that we would surely pay for again.

To find our more about Zorb New Zealand, click here.

Zorb New Zealand
149 Western Road, Ngongotaha, Rotorua 3010
+64 07 537 5100