I imagined Ireland to be a lot of things, but I never fathomed it could be the place where I had some of the most incredible dishes of my life! I was too focused on the thought of Irish pubs and green landscapes. The culinary scene was a pleasant surprise, and we ate at some of the best places to eat in Dublin.

Not a single meal disappointed – seriously, everything we ate was exquisite! From the delectable entrees to the late night hangover food, here are all of the best places to eat in Dublin, Ireland.

The Best Places To Eat In Dublin

The Stag’s HeadThe Old Storehouse Dublin Ireland Food

Lamb Shank The Stag's Head

bacon and cabbage the stag's head

fish and chips the stag's head

If you’re looking for traditional Irish food (which, you should be!), then definitely try out The Stag’s Head. It was our first real meal in Ireland, and boy was it an indicator of the amazing plethora of food that was to come in the next 4 days.

The Stag’s Head has consistently won awards for being the best Irish pub, and the location is perfect for a night out in the city! It frequently has live music, and the flavors of the food instantly made Dublin my new foodie obsession.

I had traditional bacon and cabbage, with a delicious parsley sauce. (Did you know they call it bacon and cabbage, not corned beef and cabbage?! I feel like I’ve been living a lie.) I don’t even like cabbage, but I ate every bite from this dish. Our friends also got the fish and chips, and it was one of the best I’ve ever tried. Still dreaming about this meal…

The Old Storehousemushroom soup the old storehouse

lamb stew irish food

Banger's and Mash The Old Storehouse

crab claws the old storehouse

The Old Storehouse in Ireland is another highly recommended place for traditional Irish food, and also in the heart of the city!

Our friends got traditional Irish Stew (yum), Banger’s and Mash (also yum), and I awkwardly got mini crab legs. (As much as I wanted to try more Irish food, I couldn’t resist 11claws – seriously it would be at least $25 back in Hawaii!) The portions were large, the prices were affordable, and the taste was spot on.

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The BakehouseThe Bakehouse Dublin Ireland

The Bakehouse Dublin Ireland

Uber cute diner in the heart of Dublin with amazing breakfast dishes. Oh, and they put pink marshmallows in their hot cocoa. Need I say more?

Eugene’s BarEugene's Bar Ireland Pub

Eugene's Bar Ireland Pub

If you’re heading to the Cliffs of Moher, there’s a perfect little dive bar in the nearby town of Ennistymon. After watching the sunset at the cliffs, we relaxed with a few drinks at this nice little hole in the wall, and it’s one of my fondest memories in Ireland!

This Irish pub is plastered with your typical bar decor, and the bartenders/local patrons were super friendly and welcoming. It was here that I also discovered Bulmer’s – and rekindled my love for hard apple cider.

Mr. Kebabireland food kebab

I know what you’re thinking – kebabs, really? YES! There are few things as tasty as flavorful, ridiculously inexpensive curries and kebabs, especially after a few drinks at the above mentioned pub. (This was also one of the few places open late in the town of Ennistymon – perfect for the mega long 3 hour night drive back to Dublin).

Madigan’s O’Connell Street
Madigans o connell ireland

We wanted to end our last night in Dublin with of course, more traditional Irish food.

Although I would recommend the first 2 restaurants before this one, it was still decently priced and pretty tasty as well. (Plus the waitstaff were incredibly cool and chatty, it was just a great, relaxed atmosphere.)

The CeltThe Celt Irish Pub


This bar eternally holds a special place in my heart. I’ve never experienced nightlife similar to Dublin’s before – it’s all so incredibly joyous and still very traditional! Tons of live music, dancing, Guinness, and just a general feeling of euphoria. We had a couple drinks here to round out our last night, and I loved every bit of the celebratory vibe.

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  1. Ana @labellesociety

    August 28, 2019

    I was just yesterday in Dublin. I had dinner at the Elephant Castle because I was told they had the BEST chicken wings ever!!! I was certainly NOT disappointed, it was delicious!! Have you ever been? Very helpful post. I came here to check if I had gone to any of the ones from the list, but it seems I missed them unfortunately.