Top 5 Free Travel Apps


I’m a big app person and heavily utilize multiple resources when planning a trip. From booking flights to researching accommodation, these are 5 of my favorite apps that help my travel plans to run smoothly.


TripIt App Screenshot


TripIt is my go-to app for organizing all of my travel plans. In this app you can input your flight information, hotel bookings, tour itineraries, etc! You can even include maps of the area you’ll be in; it’s a lifesaver for staying organized during your travels.


Skyscanner App Screenshot


I love using Skyscanner to discover new places to travel to, as it has an “Everywhere” option in the “To” section. This option allows you to see the cheapest places to travel to, and it’s a great option for those on a budget! It’s also a great way to discover places that you might not have flown to otherwise. I haven’t utilized it too much recently since it’s expensive to fly out of Hawaii no matter where you go, but I’m sure I’ll get much more use out of it for future travels.


Yelp App Screenshot


I primarily use Yelp to discover local eateries; it definitely fuels the foodie in me. I rarely ever “randomly” pick a place to eat, I always Yelp what’s around me and go from there. Yelping restaurants has helped me discover some of the best food I’ve ever eaten; it’s a definitely a must on my list!


Trip Advisor App Screenshot


While Trip Advisor is also useful for finding eateries, I like it better for finding accommodation and activities in the area we are traveling too. Trip Advisor doesn’t only have big chain hotels, they also feature hostels and bed and breakfast locations that are helpful for when we are on a budget. I also love that it’s international; I used it to book our little bed & breakfast in Santorini and the reviews were almost spot on with our experience. I also never book an activity/tour without checking the Trip Advisor reviews first! (I haven’t been disappointed so far!)


Rome2Rio App Screenshot


Rome2Rio is my favorite app for transportation purposes. Need to find out how to get from Rome to Florence? This app will show you all possible routes,┬átheir associated prices, and how long it will take for each option. It’s extremely useful when planning an itinerary and helps you decide whether you should take a train, bus, plane, or just drive to your next location. It’s a time saver for sure!

What are some of your favorite travel apps?

February 11, 2016