When looking for budget accommodation in Amsterdam, I was having a hard time finding something cheap that wasn’t a hostel bunk bed. The Airbnb’s I found were around $70 bucks just for private rooms, so I figured $100/night for a hotel room (with a private shower!) was probably one of the best deals we could get. We ended up going with the highly rated Linden Hotel.

The Linden Hotel Amsterdam

The Linden Hotel is out of the city center, located in the Jordaan district. The Jordaan district is a hip and modern area about a 10-15 minute walk from The Anne Frank House. With a canal view, a couple smoke shops, and a few restaurants within walking distance, we ended up loving the location – it wasn’t touristy at all and had a lot of residential areas. It was a lot less busy than the center of Amsterdam, but still held all the necessities and charm of the city.

The Linden Hotel Amsterdam

Upon arrival we were greeted with kind and warm service, along with sweet snacks. The front desk always has a candy jar with little delicious gummies and tiny cookies, which we definitely nibbled on every time we came back to the hotel. After check-in we were helped with our bags up to our room. (The steps are quite narrow and steep in Amsterdam, so watch your step!)

The Linden Hotel Amsterdam

Once inside, the room was quite tiny, which is typical for Amsterdam. At about 150 sq. feet, we didn’t have much space to lay out our luggage, but otherwise it provided all the necessary amenities. The private bathroom included a toilet and shower stall, with tons of hot water and good water pressure. (One of my hotel pet peeves is less than adequate shower!) The decor was out-of-this-world cute, with scented candles and Pinterest-worthy items throughout.

The Linden Hotel AmsterdamWe appreciated the freebies, such as shower gel, instant coffee and tea, and branded Linden water bottles that you can fill, as the tap water is safe to drink. The room also included free, fast wifi, and the hotel offered breakfast downstairs for an extra fee. We never took advantage of this, but it was nice to have that option.

The Linden Hotel Amsterdam

There were a few issues I had with the hotel, but they were minor and didn’t negatively affect my stay. I personally would have liked a mini-fridge in the room – I’m usually used to having one during our stays as I like to keep my restaurant leftovers. We asked the kitchen downstairs if they had one, but it was tiny and couldn’t fit our pizza box lol!

I thought our pillows were’t that soft – seemed to be more decorative than functional. Our room was also right under the stairs so we could definitely hear people stomping around here and there, which was quite loud. Jarden and I aren’t too bothered by external noise though, and it didn’t affect our sleep so it wasn’t a huge deal.

The kind and friendly service of the staff made up for the few, minor negatives we experienced. We were always kindly greeted, were given a goodie bag filled with tiny travel essentials on departure, and they even let us use some umbrellas when it was raining. (& they weren’t upset when the wind completely tore it apart!) We would definitely stay at The Linden Hotel again, the location is hard to beat!

The Linden Hotel
Lindengracht 251, 1015 KH Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 622 1460

All pictures courtesy of The Linden Hotel