6 Things in Santorini You Can’t Miss

Santorini Caldera Greece

Part of our 2 week honeymoon was spent in possibly the most romantic spot in the world; Santorini, Greece! I chose Santorini exactly for that reason, and it made for some of the best memories I’ve ever had in my entire life. Here are my list of things you should absolutely do in Santorini.

1. Riding Around the Island on an ATV!

ATV Santorini Greece

Not what you were expecting huh? We didn’t plan on renting ATV’s for our trip, but it’s a super quick and efficient way to explore the island. It’s also so much more fun then renting a car or catching the bus!

2. That Amazing Sunset

Santorini Sunset

Santorini Sunset

Santorini is known for their amazing sunsets, and catching it on the mountain tops was absolutely breathtaking. Many people go to Oia and do it amongst hoards of crowds, but we rode our ATV around the island and found a secluded location all to ourselves.

3. The Beaches

Santorini Black Beach

Santorini Black Beach

While the quality of the sand on the beaches in Santorini weren’t super memorable (I live in Hawaii, I have high standards lol!), we did visit a black sand beach (Perissa Beach), and red sand beach, so that was pretty unique. The red sand beach was also nude so…ya know…if you’re into that then go for it lol! (We weren’t aware that it was a nude beach until we saw a few boobs….) Can you spot Jarden cliff jumping in the picture above?

4. Amazing Greek Grub

While most people think that I would have had the best pasta in my entire life in Italy, I actually surprise everyone by telling them it was in Greece! Tabasco, a small restaurant in Santorini, supplied me with the the best pasta carbonara I’ve ever had; and it was takeout! Santorini also had some amazing savory crepes; they were folded in such a way that you could eat them on the go. Still waiting for America to catch on to that one…

5. Those Caldera Postcard Views

Santorini Caldera Greece

Those white buildings with the blue rooftops, all stacked together caldera cliffs. So. Dang. Picturesque!

6. Enjoying Every Single Moment

Santorini Travel Blog

This goes without saying, but Santorini is a magical place, so take in every moment! My week there with Jarden was so casual and relaxing. I actually wish we did a bit more exploring, eating, and took a few more pictures, but we were really just cherishing our time together. (He was on R&R from a year deployment at the time; I hadn’t seen him in 9 months!) The people are friendly and the island is so inviting; I can’t wait to go back!

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