During our little staycation with friends on Maui, we decided to dedicate one full day to beautiful Hana. Hana is a remote town with endless waterfalls and gorgeous scenes – the perfect place to getaway and disconnect. (Really – there’s hardly any internet/cell service at all.)

It’s a bit rough to get to though – with hundreds of turns and narrow passages, make sure you give yourself lots of time if you’re going to visit. We recommend staying in Hana for 1-2 nights if possible, as it’s a long day trip. (Very doable though!) We left Lahaina at around 6:30am, started down Hana Highway at about 7:30 am, and got to the end of Hana at about 10:30am.

Tips For The Road To Hana:

Waimoku Falls Maui

-The road to Hana is a long, curvy journey. With 620 curves and numerous narrow bridges, do drive with caution on this highway. This is especially true if it has been raining.

-If you get even remotely carsick, take Dramamine. I get sick every single time we go to Hana, and every time we leave! 🙁

-Make sure you have a full tank, as there is no gas station until Hana town. It’s almost $6 a gallon once you get there!

How To Spend 1 Day in Hana, Maui – Hana Itinerary

Twin Falls

A popular first stop in Hana is Twin Falls, right near the start of your winding drive. It’s a nice waterfall and swimming hole location that we visited previously!

Visit The Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest Kipahulu Maui

There are a couple of bamboo forests that you are able to visit in Hana. A popular one right pass Twin Falls is located near mile marker 6.

We visited the bamboo forest at the very end of Hana in Kipahulu. The forest is located at Haleakala National Park, and we also got to see many pools and waterfalls along the way, including Waimoku Falls pictured below.

Waimoku Falls Maui

Learn More: Bamboo Forest & Waimoku Falls 

See The Black Sand Beach (Waianapanapa Beach) and Caves

Black Sand Beach Hana Maui

Waianapanapa is one of our favorite places in Hana. The area reminds me of Neverland from Peter Pan – it’s absolutely beautiful! The black sand beach is must see, although it’s more like pebbles than sand, and it hurts a bit to walk on lol. Take caution at this beach, as the waves can get very rough.

Waianapanapa Caves is lesser known, but a short walk will lead you to some freshwater caves that you can swim in. It’s pretty dark in there – a little eerie but quite fun!

Watch The Sunset At Venus Pools

Venus Pools Hana Maui

A lowkey location that we learned about from one of my friends, this remote spot has a giant brackish water pool, and a fun 20 ft. rock to jump off of. It’s a bit off the map, and you have to walk through a field to get there, but it was a fun place to end the day in Hana with the sunset.

What are some of your favorite stops on the Road to Hana?