When I’m planning out locations to visit for upcoming trips, I generally look for close day trips in the area as well. A lot of the time, there are some amazing sights only a couple hours outside of major cities! While searching for cool places near Berlin, I stumbled upon the ethereal Rakotzbrücke, also known as Devils Bridge.

Kromlau Park Germany

How To Get To Rakotzbrücke – Devils Bridge in Germany

Only a 2 hours drive from Berlin, Devils Bridge is located in Kromlau Park in the small town of Kromlau. As we went in early December, the drive over was beautiful as the town fields were sprinkled with snow, and there were many warm-colored leaves falling about.We were also doing a tour of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp this day, so the 2-hour drive out was quite easy with our rental car.

Rakotzbrucke Germany

Upon arrival, we parked in the designated parking lot, and as it was early morning we didn’t have to pay. Crossing the road, we took a short walk into the park in search of the fairytale-like bridge. There weren’t any signs designating where the bridge was, but after maybe 5-10 minutes of walking we stumbled upon it!

Devils Bridge Germany

The bridge was absolutely beautiful, and I couldn’t believe we had the view all too ourselves! For being so popular on Instagram, Kromlau park actually gets a very small number of tourists. Legend has it that the devil helped build the architectural wonder, in exchange for the first soul that crosses over!

Rakotzbrucke Germany

Due to the timing of when we went, the water was unfortunately frozen over, so we couldn’t get that iconic reflection shot that gives it the illusion of a full circle. Still an amazing structure though, and Kromlau park is absolutely beautiful! It was also very cold for us, and by the time were were done shooting/filming I hobbled back to the car frozen as a popsicle.

In regards to climbing the bridge, there are signs that advise against it. Since it was winter it was too icy to climb anyways, but regardless of that it looks a little sketchy. It’s probably just best to admire from below.

Would you want to visit Rakotzbrücke?