Poolside Brunch at Flow Tulum

Flow Tulum

Having just gotten back from our 3 week long trip to Belize, Mexico, and Cuba, I’m so excited to start these posts off with a piece about Tulum. I’ve pined over pictures of Tulum for months, and let me say it exceed all of my expectations. One of the amazing facets of Tulum? Crazy delicious (and healthy!) food.

Flow Tulum

Our very first taste of Tulum was at Flow, the onsite restaurant of Harmony Glamping and Boutique Hotel. We arrived late at 10pm after crossing borders on buses and shuttle vans for the past 12 hours, and needless to say we were hoping for some good tasting sustenance. Luckily Flow is a 5-star hit, and the fresh herb and gorgonzola gnocchi they served up that night was so good I damn near almost cried. Also when I say fresh, I mean it – the staff literally plucked herbs from their garden, gave an approval taste test, and sprinkled it on our pasta right then and there.

Flow Tulum

Of course we went to Flow for breakfast the next morning and enjoyed the yogi scene in daylight. With swings at the tables and the restaurant situated poolside, I was so glad that I could return to such a fab onsite restaurant anytime during our stay. (And return we did – Flow has themed culinary lights, and Thai night was a hit!)

Flow Tulum

We shared a classic breakfast, which cost about $5 usd. It looks simple on the menu, a basic eggs and toast, but I’m telling you it was the best eggs I’ve ever had in my life. (They scrambled in fresh veggies, such great flavor!) The toast more so resembled little baguette slices, and of course it came with some amazing tasting butter and sweet jam. At the end we wish we had each got our own!

Flow Tulum

Jarden was craving an acai bowl, and Flow sure knows how to make them. Jarden admitted it’s one of the best he’s ever had. (Also about $5 usd.)

Flow Tulum

My drink of choice that morning was a healthy green juice, and enjoying it on the nearby daybed made for such a great first morning. We can see why the restaurant is so popular – quality ingredients, friendly staff, and a beachy decor had us returning again and again. It’s also located in Tulum city, so you don’t have to travel all the way to the beach strip to get the seaside, Tulum feel. Flow was a definite hit with us!

Inside Harmony Glamping Tulum and Boutique Hotel
Chemuyil, Tulum, Q.R, Mexico
+52 984 871 2576




  1. the adventurer

    May 31, 2017

    How beautiful!!! I have been wanting to explore more of Mexico and central america =o) Adding Tulum to the list =o)