7 Things You MUST Eat In Paris France

Paris Crepe Chez Imogene

Honestly, the thing that excited me the most about Paris was the amount of food that I was going to consume there. All the cappuccinos. All the pastries. ALL THE CHEESE!  Paris is a foodie dreamland, and it made me fall in love – hard.

Here are 7 things you NEED to eat in Paris, France

1. Macarons

macarons paris france

I not only ate a bunch of macarons in Paris – I actually baked macarons in Paris too! You can get them from tons of delicious shops throughout the city. The most famous include Ladurèe and Pierre Hermè, but don’t be afraid to other (and more affordable) shops too.

2. Baguettes

eiffel tower paris france

You can get fresh baked baguettes on almost every street corner, and they definitely keep you full if you need a quick snack! (Plus, you can get them for less than 1 euro – talk about a cheap breakfast!)

3. Crepes

Paris Crepe Chez Imogene

Whether you get them from a street vendor or go to a restaurant, you’re almost sure to have tasty crepes all throughout Paris! We went to a small restaurant called Chez Imogéne our first night in, and I’ll never forget how amazing those crepes were!

4. Cheese

cheese plate paris

Where do I begin with my favorite food? We ate so much cheese in Paris – on our food tour, at L’affineur Affiné, and every where in between.

5. Cappuccinos

cappuccino paris


While I usually drink iced lattes, the popular drink in Paris is of course the cappuccino. It’s perfect with a pastry for breakfast and I happily had them every morning in France.

6. French Pastries

Secret Food Tours Paris

It’s the Parisian way to indulge in pastries, so don’t hold back! You can go adventurous with giant meringues or traditional – like croissants. French croissants are so flaky and delicious; try the chocolate-filled one if you can!

7. Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate paris


Jarden had some of the best hot chocolate he’s ever had in Paris – and I can attest to how chocolate-y it was!

What’s your favorite Parisian treat?