Kauai Tubing Adventure

Kauai Back Country Adventures

One of our family activities for our Kauai staycation included Mountain Tubing, something we’ve never done before, or even knew our state offered! Kauai Backcountry Adventures features the only type of adventure tubing activity on Kauai, so we were really interested to check it out.

Arriving at Kauai Back Country Adventures:

First we got to the warehouse, filled out paperwork, and received water shoes, helmets, and gloves. After everyone was gathered, we got into vans and took about a 15 min. drive up the mountain to the top of the river. During this ride we got introduced to our group leaders and participated in ice breaker type questions.

Kauai Tubing Adventure

I must mention that our group leaders were throughly entertaining from beginning to end. The young twenty-somethings were engaging during an otherwise boring and bumpy drive up, professional and informative during the safety brief, and completely friendly throughout the entire experience. We loved them! (Especially our group leader, Kat!)

Kauai Tubing Adventure

At first dip the water was cold, but don’t scream! Unlucky riders who voiced their disdain got a friendly splash from the group leaders 😉 Thankfully we got used to the water temperature after a few minutes.

Time To Go Mountain Tubing!

As we all got into the river one by one, you realize you’re probably not going to stay close to who you came with, and that’s okay. It’s pretty difficult to coordinate with 20 other tubes floating down a current; you’re likely to bump into others! It makes the experience more fun though 🙂

Kauai Tubing Adventure

The course isn’t your average lazy river; it’s sometimes mellow, sometimes speedy with tiny “rapids”, and for some, a bit claustrophobic with 3 long, dark tunnels. The tunnels are low ceiling, so the helmets definitely help. One tunnel was completely pitch black for a few minutes, which was really fun!

Kauai Tubing Adventure

After our tubing adventure, we were even treated to a light lunch of sandwiches and chips at a picnic area. The group leaders ate and talked story with us during this 20 minute break; again, loved them all!

Kauai Tubing Adventure

All in all I would highly recommend tubing with Kauai Backcountry Adventures. The staff is professional, and the tubing course itself was highly enjoyable. Jarden and I went with my parents, younger sister, her boyfriend, and even my 70 year old grandma, who really enjoyed herself!

It’s a perfect family activity on Kauai, appealing to casual vacationers and thrill seekers alike. Prices start at $106 a person, which includes lunch and 3 hours worth of fun!

For more information on Kauai Back Country Adventures, click here!

Kauai Backcountry Adventures
3-4131 Kuhio Highway
Lihue, HI 96766
(808) 245-2506

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