The Ultimate Guide To The Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland

The Blue Lagoon was naturally one of the must-see spots on my Iceland Bucket list. It’s natural blue hue and healing waters have attracted millions of visitors across the globe, and the entire process of it was quite the experience. From buying tickets, to the shower area, food, and drink, here is everything you need to know about The Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

Blue Lagoon Facts:

Blue Lagoon Iceland(

-The Blue Lagoon is a manmade lagoon heated using geothermal energy.

-The sunlight that reflects off of the silica and minerals in the water give the appearance of a vibrant blue color, and it was recently named a “new wonder of the world” by National Geographic!

-It’s waters are kept at a temperature around 98°-104°F year round.

How To Get There:

-The Blue Lagoon is located 20 minutes from KEF airport and about 45 minutes from Reykjavik.

-The Blue Lagoon is open 365 days a year, and doors open at 8:00am! Closing times vary on season.

How Much Is It:

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

-The blue lagoon has a number of ticket options ranging from standard to luxury packages.


-You must buy your tickets in advance, easiest way would be online. You have to book your time slot for when you would like to arrive, and popular times book out days in advance. Make sure to get your tickets early!

-The standard ticket (5400 ISK) gives you entrance to the lagoon only. The other ticket options include various add-ons such as extra mud masks, use of towel, private spa area, etc., and can cost as much as 26500 ISK.

Upon Entrance:

Once you arrive and scan your ticket, you are given a wrist band that serves as your ID of sorts. You will use this wrist band for any and all purchases (and to open/close your locker), and you will pay for any extras purchased once you exit the building.

Locker Rooms:

Blue Lagoon Locker Room Iceland(source)

-You can then head to the locker rooms and change into your swim clothes. Towels/robes are an additional fee, so make sure to bring your own towel!

-You choose any open locker and use your wristband to lock/unlock it. While most people change in the open group area, there are a couple of changing stalls available if you need your privacy.

-There are plastic bags for your wet clothes, along with hair dryers. There are private shower stalls with body wash, shampoo and conditioner. You are required to shower before you enter the lagoon.

Entering The Lagoon:

The Blue Lagoon Iceland(

-Once you have made it out of the building, hang up your towel and quickly get your body into that steaming blue water! The lagoon feels like a dream against the cold, and you can now swim and wade to your hearts content.

-You’re allowed to bring cameras, so if you have a gopro or waterproof case for your phone, tug it along!

-There is kiosk to the left that has buckets of free face mask goop inside. Make sure to scoop some of it on your face! There’s also a sauna and waterfall, so don’t forget to explore all areas of the lagoon.

Food And Drink:

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

-Once you are in the lagoon, there is a swim up bar that you can purchase drinks from with your wristband. Options include various alcoholic beverages, juices, smoothies, etc.

-There are also 2 on-site dining locations once you step out of the water; The Blue Lagoon Cafe and Lava Restaurant.

Insider Tip:


Unfortunately, the silica in the lagoon will dry out your hair. I am not kidding when I say that I had tangles for weeks after the blue lagoon. Seriously, I instantly could have made dreadlocks. If you MUST get your hair damp, load conditioner onto it beforehand.

Was It Worth It?:

The Blue Lagoon Iceland(


The Blue Lagoon was a magical experience like no other! Yes the air was freezing, but the hot water is soothing and takes away any bit of feeling icy. We even had the luxury of witnessing a double rainbow while relaxing in the blue; the moment was amazing!

For more information on The Blue Lagoon, click here.

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