23 Frugal Date Ideas – $5 Or Less!

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Saving for upcoming travel? Currently traveling but on a budget? You can still have a great time without hurting your wallet!

Date Ideas – $5 Or Less!

1. Gift Cards for Dinner:

You know those old gift cards you have lying around? Put them to use! We received a $50 gift card to PF Changs a gift a while ago, and with it we managed to get an appetizer, 2 entrees, and drinks!

2. Go On A Hike

3. Spend A Day At The Beach

4. Visit A Museum:

Many local museums offer free or cheap admission!

5. Have A Picnic At The Park

6. Go For a Bike Ride

7. Check Out The Movies:

To save on movies, we ended up using 2 free passes that we had saved up. (We got it from being Regal reward members, it’s free!)

8. Redbox:

Don’t have movie free passes? Consider Redbox for only $1.50.

9. Netflix and Chill

10. Visit A Farmer’s Market

11. Cook Together: 

Instead of spending a crazy amount on a fancy dinner, use ingredients you already have and make a fun activity out of it.

12. Couple’s Game Night

13. Watch The Sunset

14. Be A Tourist:

15. Star Gazing:

I remember one night we went to an event where people brought out their telescopes, and we could gaze up for free! It was actually really fun!

16. Go Bowling

17. Take Advantage Of Free Classes (Such As Yoga!)

18. Winter Activities

If you live near snow, options are endless! Sledding, snowshoeing, building a snowman, etc.

19. Drive Around Looking At Holiday Lights

20. Fly Kites

21. Feed Ducks At Local Pond

22. Browse The Flea Market

23. Go Camping

By being creative and resourceful, you can still have fun nights out when saving up for travel! For more money-saving tips, click here.