My Top 3 Favorite Travel Essentials

Dove Deodorant Travel Essential

From international vacations to tropical weekend getaways, there are a few things that I need to bring with me every time I travel. While over the years I discovered that I’m a chronic over packer, each trip slowly let me hone in on my necessities with even more precision. From my number #1 beauty product to my necessary bits of technology, here are my top 3 travel essentials.

Dove Lanikai Beach Hawaii

Lanikai Beach Hawaii

1. Beauty

What’s my number one beauty product? Deodorant! I could doll up my face all I want, but if my armpits aren’t on their A-game, I’m going to feel uncomfortable.

I’m a sweaty individual guys. Hawaii is pretty humid all year round, and growing up I constantly battled with trying to find a deodorant that would work for me. I’ve tried a number of brands, and nothing was able to manage my odor effectively until I found Dove Advanced Care Deodorant.

Dove Deodorant

Dove Advanced Care offers 48 hours of odor and wetness protection plus added skincare benefits of Dove ¼ moisturizers and Nutrium Moisture for softer, smoother underarms. It doesn’t irritate my skin and the various scents keep me smelling good throughout the day.

Honestly my life has completely transformed from making the switch to Dove Advanced Care. I no longer have to deal with embarrassing armpit stains that ruin my white clothes. No more wetness and no more odor! I’m amazed how Dove holds up so effectively, from a hot day at the beach to a 10+ hour international flight.

Lanikai Beach Hawaii

2. Technology

This may seem obvious, but there are actually tons of people who still don’t have portable chargers! Snapchatting and taking pictures during your travels is a quick way to drain your phone battery, so I always have mine in my purse ready for a quick juice. You don’t want your phone to die when your lost in a foreign city! (I sadly say this from experience lol.)

Dove Deodorant Travel Essential

3. Packing

I’ve recently discovered packing cubes, and needless to say, they have completely changed the way I travel! Say goodbye to endlessly searching through your oversized check-in and milling through your belongings for that lost bikini bottom. No longer will you have to combine your dirty and clean clothes; packing cubes take care of it all!

I purchased mine in a pack of 5. I’m now super organized when I travel, and packing/unpacking is a breeze! I usually separate my cubes by bikinis/underwear, socks, bottoms, tops, and dresses. It’s affordable solution to packing issues and made my travels a lot more efficient.

What are your must have’s while traveling?

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