During our first full day in Bali, we paid a visit to the famous Bali gates at Handara Golf Course and Resort. Located in the north of Bali, this Insta-famous entrance is one of the most popular spots to take pictures in Bali! Read more below to see everything you need to know about visiting Handara Golf Course.

The Famous Bali Gates – Handara Golf Course in Bedugal, Bali

Handara Golf Course and Resort Bali

How To Get To Handara Golf Course

Handara Golf Course and Resort is located in Bedugal, Bali, up in the north about 1 hour and 15 minute drive from Ubud. We were staying in Munduk for a few days to hit up all the Northern Bali spots, so our drive on our scooter was a little less than 30 minutes from our homestay.

The gates/entrance to the golf course are very obviously located on the side of the road. You can’t miss it!

Famous Gates of Bali Handara Golf Course

How Much Does Handara Golf Course Cost?

Since this is just an entrance to a golf course, there used to be no admission fee. As the popularity of the spot grew, there is now an admission fee of 30,000 IDR per person, or a little over $2 USD per person. We’ve heard of them only charging 10,000 a couple months ago, so they may have just raised the price, but that’s what we were charged. We were not charged a parking fee for riding in on our scooter.

Handara Golf Course Selfie Ticket

You will receive a ‘Selfie Ticket’ as a receipt! The ticket says a maximum of 10 minutes, although that didn’t seem to be enforced at all.

Our Experience at Handara Golf Course

We went at about 12:00pm, and there was a big group of people waiting to take pics so drove right down the road to eat at JFC first. JFC is obviously influenced by KFC, and we found the fried chicken to be extremely delicious! (Wayyyy better than the real KFC lol).

JFC Bali

We wouldn’t recommend the beef burger though, (the weird patty did NOT look like anything resembling beef or the menu picture), but everything else was really tasty and inexpensive. 5,000 IDR for ice cream, crepes, and under 30,000 for full meals with fries and sweet tea.

Taking Pictures at Handara Golf Course

Handara Golf Course and Resort Bali

Getting back to the golf course after lunch, the crowds dispersed a little, and everyone sat on the grass waiting for each other to get the shot until it was their ‘turn’. We only waited for about 10-15 minutes, but I can imagine how crowded this place can get!

We spent a quick 30 minutes here, and we even made some new friends and chatted while we waited, so we had a good time. The staff that ran admission also didn’t seem to mind that everyone took their time getting lots of pictures. This place is definitely one we recommend for a hot picture spot in Northern Bali!

Are you planning on visiting Handara Golf Course?