Brussels is a great hub for some great day trips out of the city. If you love old architecture and small towns with a fairytale-like feel, consider a short jaunt over to Ghent! Complete with lots of shopping and many great places to eat, it’s a wonderful place to explore.

Ghent Belgium

After seeing all the gorgeous pictures on Pinterest, I knew we had to dedicate one of our days in Belgium to this small town. Only an hour outside of Brussels, it was a short drive out from the city. Here are some of the main highlights you should hit for a day trip in Ghent.

Things To Do In Ghent, Belgium

Marvel At Gravensteen Castle

Gravensteen Castle Ghent Belgium

A trip to Ghent is not complete without seeing The Gravensteen Castle! Surrounded by water, this was an amazing fortress to witness.

Try A Cuberdone

Cuberdone Ghent Belgium

Cuberdone Ghent Belgium

A famous Belgian candy, you must try this unique treat. A full bag only costs a few euros, its super sticky, and sickeningly sweet!

Visit St. Nicholas Church

st Nicolas church

We absolutely loved the architecture on this one! It was also a very popular spot for photographers.

Stroll Down The Canals

Ghent Belgium

Ghent is one of those towns that are perfect for exploring. The canals and streets have such a beautiful charm!

Know of any other fairytale towns in Europe? Let me know in the comments!