Circus of the Dead 2015 – Scare Hawaii

Circus of the Dead Hawaii
Circus of the Dead Hawaii
Killer clowns? Check. Psycho monsters and body bags? Check!

Let me tell you, from the very beginning of this haunted house journey I was scared. There were 2 actors in the parking lot terrorizing patrons, and it caused me to look over my shoulder literally every 2.5 seconds. One of them even followed my husband to his car after we left! Commitment people, commitment.

Now to be completely honest, Circus of the Dead from Scare Hawaii is very unassuming from the outside. I mean, it’s located in a old Sizzler’s restaurant, how bad can it be right? WRONG. It was pretty scary guys, and yet so much fun!

Circus of the Dead HawaiiAfter you first enter you’re placed in front of a wall in a blacklight room filled with eyeballs. You then get an instructional/safety brief from a floating head; it sounds bizarre, but it was creepy and really built up the anticipation.

From there you enter the maze through a huge rack of clothing. UHHHHHH YEEEAHHH. That really creeped me out! It was very reminiscent of me always checking behind the shower curtain and anticipating an axe murderer lol. You bet there were things waiting on the other side of that clothing rack also!

From there on we were constantly being shocked and surprised from various monsters and freaks, crawling on the ground and jumping out of hidden corners. There were also some situations that make you feel extremely claustrophobic; a feature I’ve seen in mainland haunted houses, but never here in Hawaii until now, so Jarden and I really enjoyed that!

Circus of the Dead Hawaii

One room that really freaked us out was a kitchen type of setting where bloody body bags hung from the ceiling, and a man was properly butchering his victims.

Walking through operating tables and body bags is not my cup of tea! Straight out of a horror movie; with flickering strobe lights of course. LOVED IT!

Circus of the Dead Hawaii

I gotta say, this haunted house really surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did, and I definitely recommend you check it out this Halloween season!

The event wasn’t crowded at all and the wait was about 10-15 minutes. Longer than I thought for not much of a line, but the haunted house size does best at letting in one group at a time. (We had a group of 7). I’ve experienced houses with too much groups at once, and a lot of the surprise scares get lost on other people, so the wait is definitely worth it.

Of course I didn’t get any footage of the inside, but Jarden got some perfectly timed snaps of me getting scared from the creeps outside. We had such a wonderful time!

Check out all the information below for Circus of the Dead.

October 2-4, 9-31

Pearlridge Center (Next to  First Hawaiian Bank)
98-1059 Managua Road, Aiea, 96701

7pm to Midnight Sat-Sun
7pm to 10pm Mon-Fri

$15 at the door
$25 Fast Pass at the Door

Scare Hawaii Facebook and Instagram

Thank you to Scare Hawaii for inviting us to your haunted attraction! All opinions are our own.