Exploring Whistler Mountains with Canadian Wilderness Adventures

Blackcomb Snowmobile

Blackcomb SnowmobileOne activity that Jarden and I did in Whistler was snowmobiling, something that we had no experience with. (Hawaii lacks in that department, haha!) With the epic white out happening, we were super stoked to go though the frosty, eclipsed terrain with Canadian Wilderness Adventures.

After taking a 20 minute shuttle ride, we arrived at a cabin, stocked to the brim to prepare us for our adventure. In terms of snow-proof clothing, I was seriously unprepared.  I showed up in a light-weight jacket from Old Navy and leggings. Yoga pants leggings. Our instructor low-key laughed at my outfit and kindly pointed me toward the snow gear that they have for those like me who are severely unprepared. THANK. GOD.

Blackcomb SnowmobileOnce properly dressed, we emerged back into the freezing cold and were taught the basics on the snowmobiles. I was luckily riding tandem on Jarden’s vehicle, (I’m not the best with motorized sports), and we embarked on our 3 hour wilderness adventure.

Blackcomb Snowmobile

We first started with a few easy routes, set in place to help us get the hang of the vehicles. The snowmobiles were fast and fun; it was a rush riding through the snow capped mountains, and the views couldn’t be beat. The downside? The winds were biting cold, and not even the thickest snow gloves could prevent my hands from feeling the crisp temperatures. (Although the vehicles did have heated handlebars, so Jarden did enjoy that feature! I resorted to sticking my gloved hands in his jacket pocket which helped.)

Blackcomb Snowmobile

I can’t explain how beautiful the views were on this tour, especially being from Hawaii! We never see sights like this, and each place that we went to was truly breathtaking. Jarden even got to test the throttle on the mobile, as we had about 15 minutes on a frozen lake to go top speed on our new toys! While fun and exhilarating, my body has never felt so painfully frozen in my life! -10 degrees Celsius at 40mph is no joke, and although we were having fun, 3 hours was the perfect amount of time for me before I almost started to cry from the cold.

Blackcomb Snowmobile

At the end of our tour we were throughly satisfied with our gander of Whistler’s famous backcountry; we even saw a tour of sledding dogs in the process! Check out our video below to see more of our experience.

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