Our short little stint in Kauai for my mom’s big 50th led us to a little town called Hanalei. Hanalei is beautiful and a bit touristy, with cute little surf shops and a fabulous tapa bar called Bar Acuda. It was extremely reminiscent of Haleiwa town on the North Shore of Oahu.

Bar Acuda Kauai

BarAcuda Hanalei

Jarden and I, along with my sister, stoped to dine on some tapas at Bar Acuda. Don’t you just love that name?!

BarAcuda Hanalei

Upon arrival we were informed that the only seating available was public seating, meaning sharing a table with other people. Although we’ve never encountered this type of seating arrangement before, it seemed fun! Our neighbors were a quiet. It was similar to the cafeteria seating in elementary, but with more elegant tables haha.

Bar Acuda Menu

BarAcuda Hanalei Menu

The tapa menu was quite extensive, and a bit on the higher end at an average of $15-20 a plate. Our waitress who was always on the up-sell recommended 2-3 plates for each person. We thought that was a little much as we were still having dinner later, and were fine with the 4 plates for us total. We also got a carafe of sangria.

BarAcuda Kauai

Our first plate was in my eyes, the creme de la creme and my inspiration for choosing Bar Acuda. The Local Northshore Honeycomb, with Humboldt fog goat cheese and crisp fuji apples.


Look at that honeycomb! *Drools*

BarAcuda Tapas Kauai

We also got House Baked Crostini with with pine nut pesto, goat cheese, and sweet pepper relish, and Risotto Fritters with molten mozzarella centers and a honey-garlic lime drizzle. Usually I find risotto a little too heavy, but it’s perfect in this form.

BarAcuda Restaurant

Our final plate, the Papa Pave – seared potato gratin with a soft cooked egg and arugula.

Bar Acuda was a delicious little pre-dinner that held us over for a couple hours until our poolside barbecue. A great place to eat in Hanalei, and place to eat in Kauai!

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For more information on Bar Acuda, click here!

Bar Acuda
5-5161 Kuhio Hwy.
Hanalei, HI 96714
(808) 826-7081

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BarAcuda Tapas Kauai

December 10, 2015