Anacapri Italy

In the midst of walking through the hoards of people after walking through Vatican City, we were approached by a woman mentioning day trips to Anacapri on the Amalfi Coast. First of all, we’ve never really heard of Anacapri, and I’m not really a fan of spontaneous trip decisions. I like organized plans and sticking to itineraries, but Jarden, who lives to go with the flow, turned to me and literally said, “Feeling Crazy?!”, and we went ahead and booked two tickets to visit the Island of Capri.

Ana Capri GreeceAna Capri GreeceWe drove for about an hour on a nice air conditioned bus, getting glimpses of the beautiful Naples countryside. We then took a short ferry ride, and finally arrived on the tiny island that we didn’t know much about. We also rode a bus on the island for a while, and that itself was an adventure! The roads were crowded and windy, and driving a rickety thing through the cliffs seemed like a death sentence. We were happy to be finally on our feet!

Limoncello Ana Capri Greece

We first visited a shop that gave out samples of limoncello, something that the Amalfi Coast is famous for. At a naive 20 years old, we thought we would get a taste of some delicious lemonade. Nope. Not at all. Our taste buds were unpleasantly surprised.

Blue Grotto Greece CapriAfterwards we agreed to go on a short little boat ride to visit The Blue Grotto, one of the most iconic places of Italy! How lucky that we booked such a spontaneous trip and ending up seeing such a famous piece of landscape.

Blue Grotto Greece Capri Blue Grotto Greece Capri

The Blue Grotto is a small sea cave (seriously, look at that entrance!) in which sunlight passes through an underwater cavity. The sunlight reflects the sea water, creating a beautiful blue light which was absolutely stunning. We went on a tiny boat and had to duck our heads when entering, and although we had just a few quick minutes inside, it was extremely memorable! ***I apologize for the low quality picture inside the cave; we knew nothing about photography back then!***

Ana Capri Chair Lift

After The Blue Grotto we finally took a chairlift to the highest point on the island, Monte Solaro. The chairlift views were absolutely stunning, climbing through a flower filled mountain, with little statues and arrangements below. The top of the mountain, Monte Solaro, gave insane views of the island and the Amalfi Coast.

Ana Capri Greece Ana Capri Greece

Ana Capri Greece

All in all it was a fabulous day trip that we both throughly enjoyed. It also taught me that being spontaneous and not having set plans isn’t always a bad thing. I hope I can incorporate more spontaneous day trips into my travel plans!



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