8 Unique Beaches You Have To Visit

Unusual Beaches

Unusual Beaches

Living in Hawaii, you could say that we are a big fan of the beach. Here are 8 unique beaches that we’ve recently discovered, and we’re dying to go to!

1. Hidden Beach, Mexico

Located on the Marieta Islands near Puerto Vallarta, this beach is as Instagram-worthy as they come. Adding to the exclusiveness, you need to swim through a cave to access this hidden geological gem.

Hidden Beach Mexico

2. Maya Bay at Ko Phi Phi Island, Thailand

This gorgeous location made it’s claim to fame from the movie, “The Beach”, (which I haven’t seen yet, shame on me!). Although now unfortunately ridden with tourists and boats, the rock formations are still a sight worth seeing.

Ko Phi Phi

3. Glass Beach, Kauai

This beach is made up trillions of little glass particles, somehow collectively gathering at this one location. It might not be powdery soft, but it’ll be one of the more unique shores your feet ever sift through.

Glass Beach Kauai

4. Bioluminescent Beach, The Maldives

This neon shore is lit up phytoplankton, giving it it’s bright blue glow. I bet the pictures don’t even do this miracle-like beach justice.

Bioluminescent Beach(source)

5. Cave Beach at Algarve, Portugal

Similar in beauty to Hidden Beach mentioned above, this limestone cave sits strikingly on the coastline. The various holes are caused by years of erosion.

Cave Beach Portugal(source)

6. Giants Causeway Beach, Ireland

This one has been on my bucket list for a very long time. The rock columns were formed when basalt lava rose to the surface and cooled, creating large, intricate patterns.

Giants Causeway Beach(source)

7. Cathedral Beach, Spain

I guess I have a thing for beaches and badass rock formations. With cathedral-like arches and tons of caves to explore, consider checking out this beach during low tide.

Cathedral Beach (source)

8. Boulders Beach in Cape Town, South Africa

This beach is unique in the fact that it’s inhabited by penguins, a lot of them! You might not be able to lay down and relax on this beach, but it will stand out in your mind as one of the most memorable.

Boulder Beach Cape Town(source)

Which beach do you want to visit most?