Cuba can be a little intimidating and a bit hard to get around – there’s hardly any internet and tourism is still developing. Thinking of what to do in Havana, Cuba? From famous landmarks to the best attractions, here are some fun things that we enjoyed doing!

What To Do In Havana, Cuba

1. Watch The Sunrise/Sunset At The Malecón

malecon havana cuba

The Malecón is THE place to be during golden hour! A famous stone wall that sits on the ocean, locals and tourists alike sit on the wall daily to enjoy the setting sun. We also came here for sunrise – definitely a hot spot for photographers!

2. See The Famous Tropicana Show

Tropicana Havana Cuba


This is an iconic Cuban cabaret show that launched in the 1940’s. While we didn’t attend ourselves due to our budget, I believe you are given a cigar and a bottle of rum with your ticket purchase, so it’s definitely a real treat to attend! It fills up quickly, so if you are interested make sure to buy tickets in advance.

3. Take A Drive In An Old Convertible

convertible havana cuba

There are no shortages of beautiful, old convertibles around Havana, and a lot of people will ask you if you want to take a ride in one – SAY YES! The tour guides take you to number of famous historical stops, letting you take pictures and explore shortly along the way.

It’s a fun way to get around the city – you’ll feel like you’ve gone back to the 50’s! The prices vary – we’ve seen prices as high as 50 CUC for an hour ride, but we managed to get one for 35 CUC.

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4. Head To Fábrica de Arte

fabrica de arte havana cuba


Fábrica de Arte is definitely one of the new hotspots to be in Havana, especially with the younger adult crowd! It’s a combination of an art museum and a nightclub, with live music and tons of dancing.

It was unfortunately being renovated when we went to Cuba, but it sounds like an amazing place to check out!

5.  Grab A Daiquiri at El Flordita

el flordita havana cuba

El Flordita is a famous bar that Ernest Hemingway frequented. He also mentioned that this place served up the best daiquiris in the world – and he’s probably right! (They were SOOO good!)

This place is SUPER touristy though – extremely packed and service was pretty terrible. The daiquiri was 6 CUC, double the price of most cocktails in Havana, but it’s definitely worth checking out. We did see the best live music/dancing in here though, very cool.

6. Go Salsa Dancing

salsa dancing havana cuba


If nightlife is your thing, then definitely go salsa dancing while in Cuba! There are a ton of popular places to do so – just ask a local and they will tell you about some hot spots!

7. Check Out Morro Cabana

morro cabana havana cuba
This fort is located across the bay – you can get here through the underground tunnels, and it was fortunately one of the stops we chose when we did our tour in an old convertible. We also got to purchase delicious cocktails here!



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  1. the adventurer

    June 23, 2017

    Beautiful photos! Cuba is high on my bucket list of places to visit =o) Also love the one piece romper in the last photo =o)