5 Reasons To Visit Canada In Winter

Whistler Village

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we went on our first Canadian Adventure. We spent a long weekend driving between Vancouver and Whistler, and we were able to jam pack so much fun activities! It was Jarden’s first time in a full-blown winter setting, and let me tell you that Canada during winter is straight out of a fairytale.

 Here are 5 reasons to visit Canada in winter

1. Whistler Village Celebrations

Whistler Village(source)

We spent New Year’s Eve in Whistler, about a 2 hour drive from Vancouver. Because Whistler Village is where a lot of tourists go, it holds a big celebration every New Year. We had a beautiful fondue dinner with champagne in the village, and afterwards headed to the center where we watched snowboarders do tricks and counted down with the masses for the fireworks. It was a magical night for sure!

2. Scenic Drives

Brohm Lake Canada

Driving around in a winter wonderland has it’s perks; everywhere you look is a dream! We often stopped on the side of the road and consistently found picturesque lakes and mountains.

3. Winter Activities

Blackcomb Snowmobile

Take advantage of all the activities you typically can only do during the winter time; snowing, skiing, snowmobiling, etc!  We also went to the Sea to Sky Gondola, where we partook in snow shoeing and tubing.

4. It’s Affordable


Of course this is dependent on where you are flying in from, but Canada is often an inexpensive option for vacationers. From Hawaii it was one of the only affordable places to go for New Year’s – but remember this is an expensive time to fly!

5. Year-Round Activities

Whistler Bungee

In Vancouver we did a few activities that are open year-round, but that give a totally different vibe in the winter months. Bungee jumping was a highlight; stare into snowcapped mountains before you plummet 140 feet! (In the summer months you can drive straight into the river below, which of course is frozen in the winter.)