We spent 4 days and 3 nights in beautiful Amsterdam, and I never expected to fall so quickly in love with the charming city. Jarden and I had the best time exploring through the canals and streets, and it’s definitely one of our favorite places we’ve ever been too! Our itinerary below has some of the best things to do in Amsterdam.

Before You Go…

If you’re looking for convenience and an all-in-one access pass, we recommend getting the I Amsterdam City Card as soon as you get to Amsterdam. (Or you can pre-order and pick it up at the airport when you land.) The pass covers free GVB public transportation, free admission to over 30 different museums, a free canal tour, and so much more!

We got the 72 hour pass, and it was nice not having to worry about paying for the metro. We loved the free canal tour (mentioned below), and there are so many nice benefits to having the card – it was so easy to use and we highly recommend it.

Learn more about the I Amsterdam City Card here

3 Days in Amsterdam Intinerary

Day 1

Take a Picture at the iAmsterdam Sign

iamsterdam sign

If you want that typical tourist picture (like us!), then head on over to the I Amsterdam sign! Normally extremely crowded, if you wake up at sunrise and get there early, chances are you’ll get an unusual empty sign. (It was also terrible weather when we went, so that helped also lol)

Visit the Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

The largest art museum in The Netherlands, The Rijksmuseum holds thousands of pieces of art from the middle ages to modern day, with famous artists such as Rembrandt in its halls. Located in museum square (Museumplein), other popular spots in the area include the Van Gough museum, and the Moco Museum, which holds works from Salvador Dali and Banksy.

rijksmuseum amsterdam

Rijksmuseum is located right next to the I Amsterdam sign, so it’s perfect to visit right after! There is also a garden surrounding the museum which is free for anyone to visit, and it’s a great place to snap more photos if you wish.

Take A Canal Tour

amsterdam canal tour

One of our favorite things we did in Amsterdam was take a boat tour through the canals. It was the perfect way to explore the city, as well as escape from the cold as the boat was heated. Getting a canal tour was easy with our I Amsterdam City Pass. We just went to one of the docks listed on the provided map, presented our card, and we got a free 1.5 hour boat ride! It’s nice to do the boat ride in the beginning of your trip, as you can see highlights of the city and possibly get ideas for areas you want to explore.

Day 2

Visit The Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House Amsterdam


A must-do for anyone visiting Amsterdam, The Anne Frank House is a monumental piece of history that we were honored to visit and learn about. Make sure to buy your passes in advanced online to avoid the queue that wraps around the building!

Ride A Bike Like The Locals

Amsterdam bikes

There are 2 bicycles for every person in Amsterdam, and pretty much everyone cycles to their destination – it’s the way of life there! If the weather allows it, do as the locals do and use a bike to explore the city. We didn’t rent bikes as it was pretty cold out for us, but it looked like a quick way to get around the city.

See The Red Light District

Red Light District Amsterdam


This obviously won’t be everyones cup of tea, but out of curiosity we did one walk through the famous lit streets of Amsterdam. It’s quite a surreal experience, and definitely a unique part of Amsterdams culture.

Day 3

Visit One Of The Markets

amsterdam waterlooplein market


You can find lots of things in the Amsterdam markets, from fresh stroopwaffels, to unique antiques and vintage clothing. Popular markets open from Monday – Saturday include Albert Cuyp Market or Waterlooplein Flea Market.

Check Out Some Tulips

Keukenhof Tulip Amsterdam


Amsterdam is known for their gorgeous tulips, and most of the year you can visit the floating market (Bloemenmarkt) and see some of the beautiful flowers in bloom. If you visit in the spring like my roommate did, take a day trip out to Keukenhof and see 80 acres worth of the world famous tulips.

If you still have more time…

This itinerary is relatively light, allowing for lots of exploring and finding different restaurants to discover. There are still heaps more to do in Amsterdam, such as take a trip to the windmills, or visit some of the other museums – like the Museum of Bags and Purses. The I Amsterdam City Card gives you a ton of free options too, such as the zoo or Nemo Science museum. It’s a city where you’ll never be bored, that’s for sure!

Thank you to I Amsterdam for the complimentary city cards. All opinions are our own.