Top 10 Coolest Gifts for Travelers

Airport Code Pillow
  1. The Best Pillow Ever

    Airport Code Pillow
    Nothing like home decor to remind you of your Wanderlust.

  2. Ticket Stub Organizer

    Ticket Stub Organizer

    Finally, a way to organize all of those plane tickets!

  3. Cork Globe

    Cork GlobeA great visual of how much of the globe you’ve trotted across.

  4. Scratch Off Travel Map

    Scratch Off Map
    A really unique gift for those who want to see the world.

  5. Luggage Scale

    Luggage ScalePractical yet necessary; never pay for overweight baggage again!

  6. Picture Book

    Travel Photo BookPut all those Instagram pictures to use! Photo books are my favorite way of keeping track of our travels, and it’s so much easier than scrapbooking.

  7. Hidden Pocket Scarf

    Hidden Pocket ScarfFashionable security, especially in foreign countries. I definitely want this for when we travel abroad; don’t want to get robbed again! 

  8. Hoodie Travel Pillow

    Hoodie Travel Pillow

    Perfect privacy for those long international flights.  (Or even for sleeping in airports!)

  9. World Map Decal
    World Map Decal

Another great home decor piece for any traveler. Jarden and I have this specific one above our bed and we love it!

10. Wanderlust-Inducing Shower Curtain
Travel Shower Curtain

Just about the coolest shower curtain ever.

December 10, 2015