A Guide to Transportation in Hawaii

The Bus Hawaii

Transportation on a small island can get complicated. Is a rental car worth it? How is public transportation? Do people ride whales to work? (No really, I’ve heard some people really think that…)

A Guide to Transportation in Hawaii

The Bus Hawaii

The Bus

The Bus is basically it when it comes to public transportation in Hawaii. We have no trains and no subway systems. (Although a monorail is in the process of being built!) For $2.50 you can get a one-way fare, and while budget friendly, this is also the slowest option, especially with Hawaii traffic.

Rental Car

While the rental car will cost you, it definitely gives you the most freedom. With a rental car you can drive to any beach you desire, and there are many options on all points of the island. Just remember, traffic is terrible on the main island of Oahu! (Especially during rush hour, from about 6-9am and 3-6pm M-F)


Taxis are prevalent in Hawaii, but of course they are costly depending on your travel route. Lyft and Uber are popular on Oahu, and it’s an option if you don’t plan on straying too much from your home base. While Uber is mainly popular around Honolulu and Waikiki, there are a few drivers that will take you anywhere around the island.


This last option is surprisingly an unpopular choice for an ‘island’. Oahu doesn’t see much hitchhikers besides The North Shore, as that side of the island has a very laid back vibe. Islands such as Maui and The Big Island are more of a country lifestyle, so some may do it there also, but again it’s not very common. Safety could also be an issue here; so remember to have good judgement if you decide to hitchhike.

Interisland Travel

If you’re planning on island hopping, your only option is unfortunately by airplane. We used to have an inter island ferry, but it was shut down due to many complaints. It would be great to bring it back one day, we really liked the convenience of it!

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