When Oahu locals want to get away for the day or have a little staycation, they usually tend to go to Waikiki or the North Shore. We personally love the North Shore for little weekend getaways, as there are countless beaches to swim at and always a large amount of delicious eateries to choose from. If you’re on Oahu, the north shore should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

Here Are The Top 10 Things To Do On The North Shore Of Oahu, Hawaii

1. Watch A Surf Competition

surfing north shore oahu hawaii


While the surf competitions are generally only held in winter when the waves are largest, the beaches are enjoyable any time of the year. During the winter waves can reach up to 20-50 feet (depending on the beach you go to), and while swimming during these times are usually closed off to the public due to safety reasons, you can watch some of the best surfers in the world catch some monster waves.

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2. Eat At A Shrimp Truck

garlic shrimp north shore hawaii


The North Shore is pretty much known for their number of shrimp trucks, each proclaiming to have the best buttery, garlic shrimp. Our favorites include Giovanni’s and Hono’s – both are located in the same food truck lot in Haleiwa across from McDonalds. The lines are long, but I’d say it’s worth the wait!

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3. Grab Acai at Haleiwa Bowls

haleiwa town oahu hawaii


There are a bunch of places to get acai bowls on the North Shore – it’s one of our favorite local treats! One of our favorite places is Haleiwa Bowls, definitely check it out for yummy smoothies and healthy fruit bowls.

4. Jump Off Of Waimea Rock

waimea rock north shore


Waimea Beach is one of my favorite beaches on the North Shore with soft sugar sand and clear, blue water. Another highlight is that there is a giant rock – about 30 feet – that beachgoers jump off of daily into the waves. As long as the ocean conditions are safe, it’s a very popular activity for locals and tourists alike!

5. Visit Matsumoto’s Shave Ice

matsumoto shave ice hawaii


You MUST try shave ice while in Hawaii – another favorite local snack. Matsumoto’s is infamous on the North Shore, and there’s always a line out the door to prove it.

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6. Shop At Haleiwa Town

haleiwa town north shore


While the pricing of the shops in Haleiwa are generally a little higher, you can always find beautiful and unique goods that represent the boho and beachy vibe of the town.

7. Find Your Way Through The Dole Plantation Maze

dole plantation hawaii


A fun option for the kids, Dole Plantation offers an entire ‘pineapple experience’ with train rides, famous dole whip, and a large pineapple maze!

8. Rent A Beach House

beach house north shore hawaii


Thanks to the popularity of Airbnb, there are numerous beach front properties that are available to rent out for a surely fun weekend.

9. Snorkel At Sharks Cove

sharks cove north shore oahu hawaii


While snorkeling at a place called ‘Sharks Cove’ doesn’t sound all that appealing, rest assured that the name is just that – there are no sharks at Sharks Cove! There are though fishes and decent water clarity – a fun spot to snorkel indeed!

10. Jump Out Of An Airplane

Skydiving Hawaii

For ultimate thrill seekers only, the North Shore is the only place on Oahu where you can skydive. We did it a couple years back, and the view was absolutely amazing!

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  1. The adventurer

    July 18, 2017

    I love visiting north shore when I got to Oahu =o) we always stop at Romy’s


  2. Tasha - A Global Stroll

    July 22, 2017

    ahh Romy’s is one of the places I still haven’t tried! Every time I go the line is super long lol